Friday, June 17, 2016

The Plan

In Noelle's words:

"So, Alastair, probably about a year and a half ago, decided to create a front connection between him and Adra. As a result of this, they are able to share thoughts, emotions, memories, and, as she has been exploring recently, magic. There isn't a single person on this world that they know of who can manipulate names like Nic, and originally a big issue was that he can't work on his own name- that's just impossible. Another issue is that, as Niccolò's power was used to take more and more names, it would weaken. So if he tried to do it, it wouldn't work.

The plan that Adra is going to have is that she and Alastair are going to collect the bodies of all 53(?) names, and bring them back, and preserve them. They will also bring back a younger version of Alastair, who can help her with the process. (As in, Alastair at maybe 30 years old or something- young enough to remember that Adra has gone back in time and comforted and shown him love as a youn boy, and young enough to still cherish those memories).

So Adra is going to practice on two bugs, first. She will move the name of one bug into the other, then separate the names again into their bodies. 

Then, she is going to go in reverse chronological order, and remove each name, like peeling back layers of a cake: some names are easier to untangle, since they will be fresher, won't have been tangled for as long, and won't be as intact as the others. And so Adra is going to work very hard in picking out the pieces of each name and pulling them back together before placing them back into their bodies.

So yeah"

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